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A new man

“I was not born as you see me, I am a landscape that blooms day by day. Little by little I perceive congruence between what I feel and what I see. I cannot renounce the eroticism of being a man. I do not pretend to be the same as you, nor to be anyone I am not. I don’t live someone else’s life.

I live a very great frustration because you do not accept me. You do violence to me. You examine me with infectious eyes. You are shocked. You look at me deeply looking for that painful ambiguity that I live day by day. You search for that schism between your body and mine, you confront it, you sentence me and you push me away. With devilish eyes you remove my clothes, you dismember me. You look at my chest, you warn me.

You look at my crotch, you doubt it. You squeeze my being, you oppress me. When you recognize me, you give me the final thrust. You kill me.

And I at the end of the day, I look at my body and I perceive it still confused. But don’t feel bad, don’t apologize. My goal is to be me, because this body belongs to me alone. And then I get up, I contemplate myself again and little by little I begin to accept myself, to love myself.

These are times of light, times of rebirth; of being who I truly am.”