© Charlie Cordero, winner of the category The Youth 2017

Amateur Competition

This section of the competition is open only to amateur or independent photographers. If you are a professional follow this link.

We have created three amateur categories sponsored by Janssen, as part of his Health Without Pause initiative, which seeks to highlight the importance of patients with illnesses other than COVID-19, the enormous task that caregivers such as doctors and nurses perform, and the need to protect mental health in these times of pandemic.

Meet our judges here.

This section of the contest is only available through © Instagram.

To enter the amateur categories, please follow the instructions below:

Do you have everything?

  1. Go to the Instagram profile of @poy_latam
  2. Follow Poy Latam
  3. Choose one or more photos in the best possible quality according to the category(ies) in which you want to participate: Patients, caregivers and/or mental health.
  4. It is preferable that you do not use a filter, or that it is the least invasive.
  5. In the description/caption, briefly explain what is happening in the photo.
  6. Add the user “@poy_latam” and the required hashtag to the description/ caption according to the category:
    Patients: #SaludSinPausaPacientes
    Caregivers: #SaludSinPausaCuidadores
    Mental Health: #SaludMentalSinPausa
  • You can edit the description of a photo previously published this year.
  • Uploaded or tagged photos will be accepted until January 2, 2021.
  • Images must respect the integrity of the scene and the actual circumstances. Only posed and/or constructed photos are allowed for portraits.
  • Each category will have a winner, and each one will receive a prize of $1,000 US


01 Patients: A photograph that captures the experience of patients dealing with diseases other than COVID-19 in this time of pandemic. This category is focused on portraying patients around Latin America who suffer from diseases such as cancer, pulmonary arterial hypertension, multiple myeloma, psoriasis among many others and who have seen the world come to a halt, but their diseases have not. Respect for the dignity of the subject is essential.

Hashtag #SaludSinPausaPacientes

02 Caregivers: A photograph that captures the passion and dedication that caregivers (doctors, nurses, health care providers, family and friends) have shown for their patients. This category is dedicated to those who do a quiet job caring for patients or loved ones and have not put a stop to their admirable work.

Hashtag #SaludSinPausaCuidadores

03 Mental Health: A picture that captures the importance of mental health in times of pandemic. This category seeks to show strategies that people are using to take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hashtag #SaludMentalSinPausa

Can I send photos of other subjects than those described in the categories?

No, these categories are only open to the topics explained in the categories. You can participate in the professional contest if you have other themes.

Can I enter photos of patients with diseases other than those listed in the categories?

Yes, they can go beyond the pathologies listed. We want these categories to highlight what this year has meant for patients other than those infected by COVID-19.

Can I send photos about COVID-19 patients?

No, these special categories seek to highlight what has happened to patients with other diseases and to caregivers who treat these diseases other than COVID-19. The mental health category seeks to show what people have done to maintain their mental health, and in this sense a wide variety of activities and situations from the confinement and the new normal can be shown.

On the other hand, there are many categories in the professional contest that are appropriate for submitting photos of any aspect of the pandemic, or any other topic.

How many photos can I post per category?

Up to a maximum of three individual photos per category.

Can I enter more than one category with different photos?

Yes, I can submit up to 3 different photos per category.

Can I enter more than one category with the same photo?

No, you can only upload the same photo once, in one category.

Can I participate in the amateur and professional categories?

If you are an amateur photographer you can participate in the professional competition, but you will be subject to the same requirements as professional photographers.

Professional photographers must participate exclusively in the competition aimed at professionals.

I am a freelance photographer, and my main source of income is not photography. Can I participate in the amateur competition?

Yes, you can. But remember that there is a greater variety of categories in the professional contest.

Can a photo collage or graphic design compete in this category?

No. We are looking for documentary photographs, that is, images that capture real moments. Posed or constructed photos will only be allowed if they are portraits. And in no case will collages or diptychs be allowed, except in the professional category Nuestra Mirada.

Can I send my photos by e-mail or by any other means?

No, in the amateur section of the competition you can only participate by means of © Instagram. The other sections have other rules.

Can I participate if I don’t have a professional camera?

No. This is a category for amateur or independent photographers. We are looking for quality photos that tell a story. However, the judges will not evaluate the photos according to the device, but by their content. You can use a camera or a cell phone.

Can I reflect people with mental health conditions?

Photos that reflect any illness other than COVID-19 may be entered.

Do I have to have my public Instagram account?

Yes, it has to be a public account.

Can I upload photos to other social networks?

Yes, your photos can be posted on other social networks. However, only photos that are published on Instagram will be entered into the contest.

When can I upload my photos to Instagram?

You can upload your photos from November 30th. Photos posted after January 2, 2021 will not be accepted.

Can I send to the contest a photo that I have already uploaded?

Yes, you can change the description and add “poy_latam” and our hashtag. This will allow this photo to participate in the competition.

Will there be prizes?

Yes, each category will have a winner. The prize per category is $1,000 US dollars.

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