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Riverine Amazonia – a landscape of resistance

For more than 30 years, I have been immersed in the universe of the simple people who live on the banks of the rivers in my homeland, the Amazon. It was through this coexistence and complicity that I built my career.

Honoring my ancestry from the Tefé people of Alto Solimões (AM), where my father was born, is a lifelong commitment and explains the fascination that the riverside people and their colors exert on my gaze.

In this ongoing essay, I feed on the lights, colors and environments created by these people. Territories of resistance through which they resist gentrification dictated by globalization and greed.
The painting of the houses and boats with primary colors, in original combinations and surprising geometry, the fluorescence of the lights builds a welcoming and unique territory for affirming the identity of the Amazonian people.

A common story, made up of anonymous heroes, attentive observers of nature, whose creativity helps to overcome the adversities of the environment and the precariousness of infrastructure and government attention.

My choice in this essay is as natural as the sprouting of a waterhole, but like my characters it is an act of affirmation of my own identity.