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The fish dies by the mouth

The fish dies by the mouth and for twenty years the life regime imposed by the paramilitaries was so fearful and cruel that on a whim of Rodrigo Mercado, alias “Cadena”, an elementary school was demolished so that it would no longer block the view of the sea from his house, located in the center of that place. Pablo Escobar, for his part, had hotels built on Isla Palma, while Hernán Vélez, of the Urdinola clan, built them in Bahía Solano, as a summer resort.

The project is a participatory and intervention project where the community is an active part in the creation of the images. The contrasts between traditions (peaceful or peaceful states) and armed pressure (paramilitary and drug trafficking groups) are expressed in different actions, landscapes, bodies and objects. Everyday life intermingles with the construction of the scenes. Here, the performative act is confused with the swaying of reality, as a song to that undefined limit between sea and land, between legality and prohibition.

Between 2016 and 2021, I have gone on fishing excursions with my father, my brother, my uncle and my cousin. We all have the last name Escobar. Our link has nothing to do with Pablo, but with the sea, the land and his sons: Deivis and Federico, friends since 1990.