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Dissident Bodies

When is one correctly feminine or masculine?
What is the exact measure of femininity or masculinity?
These portraits make visible new gender paradigms, which have always existed, which are real, although they do not have the focus of attention in our society, which is governed by established stereotypes: femininity in women and masculinity in men.
Fluid, ambiguous, androgynous genders. Diverse bodies as a place of resistance against social structures of oppression. Bodies that reveal themselves to the social and cultural status quo.
The inner self frees itself from the bodily bonds imposed by the cultural hegemony of society. These bodies tell stories, they are non-normative corporealities that express themselves, that fight and make their way into the new modernity, without allowing themselves to be dominated and disciplined. Bodies that are outside the norm, outside what is expected of men and women. They make us reflect on how outdated the heteronormative concept of gender is.
Regardless of our self-perception, we are all deserving of respect and freedom to choose how we want to live our lives.