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Open fire

What is the future of our natural landscapes?
What is the future of our references and collective memories?
Fire is a sharp weapon.

Focusing on the destructive fires that have recently swept away landscapes around the globe, the majority of them a consequence of climate change, but in Latin America also an outcome of political conflicts, in this series I appropriate the violence of this element upon natural and cultural heritage to unveil the unrecognisable environment it leaves for future generations to live in. With OPEN FIRE, I aim to encourage debate around a contemporary issue that is of global relevance: it is environmental, social, historical and political, and urges to be discussed in a framework in which society would play the role of protagonist and not of spectator.

The work develops as follows: first, I take photographs of natural areas of high relevance for conservation in my home country, Brazil, with a medium-format analogue camera. After being developed, I systematically burn the photographic film – reproducing on the representations the aggression that has been openly inflicted upon the actual landscapes. After burning them, the resulting three-dimensional pieces are digitized and presented in juxtaposition to captions that consist of news-sourced stories involving fire that have happened recently in Brazil as well as to insights I have during the making of the work, echoing the magnitude of violence and destruction by fire we have been facing in the Anthropocene in Latin America.