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They never gone. ISIS attack on Ghwaryan prison

On January 2022, a staggering ISIS attack on Ghwaryan prison in the northeastern Syrian town of Al Hasakah revealed the enduring strength of the group and triggered the longest and deadliest battle with ISIS since its so-called caliphate in Syria and Iraq was defeated nearly three years ago. The attack, officials believe, was to break free ISIS leaders, who were imprisoned there among more than 3,000 suspected militants.

After a 10-day battle, airstrikes, and Special Forces on the ground, more than 500 people died, about three-quarters of them ISIS members, or men or boys imprisoned among them

The battle spilled into the surrounding streets. Residents were terrified among a path of destruction and a river of dead fighters ‘bodies on the floor.

The world forgot this Syrian prison and Syrian Kurdish in Al Hasakah. The Islamic State did not. 3 years after the fall, the nightmare is still there and the circle of violence never ends.

The story was commissioned by THE NEW YORK TIMES