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Limits of Memory

Based on a mapping made through social networks, the artists portrayed in photopaintings Generation Z – those born in the internet era – with the particularities involved in their forms of self-representation: colored hair, piercings, ear enlargements and bold make-up, as well as a provocative and irreverent way in which some show themselves in front of cell phone cameras in their selfies. The photographic enlargements, made in a handmade laboratory from Cyro Almeida’s black and white negatives, were later colored with pastel paint by Mestre Júlio Santos, who also provided the costumes and accessories for the portraits in their final form. Using a traditional technique, the work expresses the image of young people experimenting with more autonomous and creative ways of relating to their own appearance. From this junction emerges the meeting of different generations, promoting reflections on the permanence of crafts and customs, new technologies, the survival of techniques and appearances. As a result, we have a hybrid end product, which integrates knowledge about image production from today’s youth, contemporary art and popular art.